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Tile & Stone Floor Cleaning Services

To restore the charm of stone floors, tiles and grout need occasional reviving during their life. Removing the dust, ingrained dirt and stains that builds up over time is a job for and expert.

Specialist cleaning is the cost-effective way to renew the appearance and protective characteristics of your flooring, but requires specialist skill and experience. Many floor tiles have pitted and uneven surfaces which prevents normal cleaning and removal of the contamination virtually impossible.

Using the latest technology Darren Varney clean, seal, restore, polish and protect all types of natural and artificial stone. Including amtico, ceramic, flagstone, karndean, limestone, marble, porcelain, quarry, sandstone, slate, terracotta, terrazzo and travertine.

Using our 7 stage process, our tile restoration methods leave your flooring spotless, fresh and sealed with no dirt attracting residues left in the stone.

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If your in the Worcestershire, Warwickshire and West Midlands area, you can request a call back above or call us on 01527 402922 and we'll be happy to discuss your needs, our services in detail or book you and appointment.

Fully insured and 30 years’ experience in floor cleaning, you can't go wrong. You can be assured of a fantastic clean, fresh and hygienic result for the whole family.

We Clean all Tile and Stone Floors

Victorian Floor Tiles Victorian & Edwardian Minton
Fired clay tiles which can be cleaned and honed to a polished or colour enhanced finish.
Limestone Floor Tiles Limestone and Travertine
Prous sedimentary rock which can be cleaned and honed to a natural or colour enhanced finish with a water repellent sealer
Marble Floor Tiles Marble
Hard-metamorphic form of limestone which can cleaned and polished
Terracotta Floor Tiles Terracotta and Quarry
Fired clay tiles which can be cleaned and honed to a polished or colour enhanced finish.
Terrazzo Floor Tiles Terrazzo
Floors being marble chips set in concrete.
Flagstone Floor Tiles Flagstone and Sandstone
Sedimentary Rock which can be cleaned with a polished or natural finish.
Ceramic Floor Tiles Porcelain and Ceramic
Made with clay sand and water baked to remove moisture which can be cleaned and sealed for easy maintenance.
Slate Floor Tiles Slate
Metamorphic rock which can be cleaned to a natural, colour enhanced or polished finish.
Amtico Floor Tiles Amtico and Karndean
Can be cleaned with a new finish applied.

Tile and Stone Floor Cleaning and Resealing 6 Stage Process

Your flooring type is pre inspected and identified with a free site survey to ensure the correct products and procedures are fully explained and used.
The flooring surface is Turbo Vacuumed and prepared to remove any loose dust particles.
An appropriate pre spray/stripper or honing powder is applied onto the floor surface.
We then agitate this into the surface with a rotary floor cleaner leaving a dwell time to loosen the build-up of Soiling and old floor sealants.
This is then extracted with a wet and dry cleaner or a high pressure hot water extraction to remove
the build-up of soiling and old sealants.
We then hand finish any stubborn areas with diamond pads or grout line brushes.
Once turbo or naturally dried your flooring is then resealed with the appropriate product.

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